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Pioneering Analytics for Real Business Impact

We are a dynamic team of data analytics consultants who set out in 2020 with a clear vision: to make data the driving force for business growth and development.

With a background in enterprise analytics, our team of 10+ multidisciplinary consultants, who focus on data analytics, brings together diverse skills and a wealth of experience in various domains.


Finance and Banking: We excel in deciphering the intricate world of finance, providing data-driven insights to support decision-making. 

CPG/FMCG: Our experience in consumer goods equips us to decode consumer behavior, supply chains, and market dynamics. 

Agriculture: We offer insights into crop management, resource optimization, and sustainable practices to elevate agriculture. 

Automotive: As the automotive industry transforms, we’re there to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences. 

IT Services: We’re at the forefront of driving digital transformation and innovation in the IT sector.










Meet the team

Aniko Mayer


Aniko is a business analyst and data consultant with over 20 years of professional experience, mostly within the financial sector. Held Lead expert positions in different projects.

Aniko has immense experience in logical and physical data modelling, strategic system planning, and the creation of robust databases. At the same time, she worked a lot with business requirements, designing functions, development, implementation, and advancement of systems. Provided updates, and maintenance of the product, kept attention on effective contact with the customers and partners.

While leading the Datraction projects analysed a huge volume of medical market data.

Norbert Havas


Norbert is a consultant and strategist with 25 years of experience driving innovation, digitizing business processes, and creating and executing successful data product initiatives.

His technologist roots and business consulting mindset have been successfully applied in various stages of the innovation lifecycle: from inspiration to execution.

In the past years, he worked as a senior leader at data-focused consulting companies and helped his clients in the financial and retail sector to create more customer value by using data and analytics as a strategic tool. He enjoys solving challenging business problems and is also a passionate trainer.

Levente Simon


Levente is a consultant and Senior Project Manager with about 16 years of experience in establishing and leading teams up to 50+ FTE both in Analytics and traditional IT software projects. An all-around profile with background and experience both in the business and technology sides of Product development projects.

Levente has helped large organizations transform their software development into an agile product delivery factory in multiple industry domains.

He is passionate about structured leadership and process optimization through automation so that the overall effectiveness of the initiatives can continuously improve under his leadership.

Olha Mikhavchuk


Olha has experience in IT Saas and E-commerce projects. She led teams in delivering secure, high-performance, and scalable solutions, driving growth in the Saas and E-commerce IT products which are accessed by millions of users.

Olha’s previous experience includes the role of CMO and Product Owner positions.

In Datraction Olha is responsible for market research, formulating effective go-to-market strategies, communications strategy, product marketing, generating demand, and brand recognition. Has an analytical mindset and attention to detail as a personal characteristic.

Gabor Zombory

Partner | Head of Services, Data & Analytics

With a multifaceted background spanning finance, automotive, pharma, and IT sectors, Gábor brings a wealth of experience in data collection, preparation, and optimization.
Proficient in tools like KNIME, he excels in designing data models, developing ETL workflows, and presenting clear visualizations for informed decision-making. His expertise extends to troubleshooting technical issues, maintaining high customer satisfaction, and automating reports using advanced technologies.
Adept in leadership, documentation, and project coordination, Gábor's commitment centers on leveraging data to drive operational efficiency and achieve organizational success across diverse industries.

Marcell Palfi

Partner | Head of Delivery, Data & Analytics

Marcell, a driven data specialist and consultant, possesses a versatile skill set for data analytics and engineering with diverse visualisation tools. He has experience in pharmaceutical, automotive and finance sector.

His commitment to enhancing skills for driving business growth through data analytics and automation is evident in his proficiency in collecting, preparing, cleaning and transforming data.

In recent engagements within the finance sector, Marcell showcased his ability to design and implement data models, develop scalable ETL workflows, and optimise processes for improved efficiency. He is adept at producing clear, well structured workflows and ensuring compliance with client reporting requirements.

Csaba Kutor

Full Stack Developer

I am an experienced IT professional with a diverse background spanning FMCG, transportation, public transport, public services, banking, and IT. I possess a strong customer focus and strive for perfection in my work. I am quick to adapt to new requirements and proactively communicate with my colleagues. As a lifelong learner, I embrace and promote technology advancements. I am also a challenge-seeker, tirelessly working towards my projected goals.

Throughout my career, I have held various positions, such as Sales/Marketing Assistant, Sales Support Analyst, Demand and Supply Planner, System and Network Administrator, IT Support Technician, IT Entrepreneur, and mainly Software Developer (backend/frontend).

Gergely Csepány

Senior Python Developer

Gergely has 15 years of software development experience. In the last few years, he worked as a senior Python developer in data-centered projects. He is a maestro in breathing new life into legacy codes and systems on the go, while seamlessly embracing various tech stacks.
Armed with a vast technical and scientific background, as Gergely graduated as a physicist with a PhD in astrophysics, he knows how to manage, understand, and navigate complicated projects.
Whether it's web development, machine learning backed data pipeline development, scientific data reduction, or instrument development, none poses an insurmountable obstacle to him.

Dávid Szemere

Consultant at Private practice

David has over 15 years of experience in banking ranging from capital markets to all finance functions gained in international banks. His specialty is managing organisational transformations and the use of date to gain competitive advantage.
His latest projects centered around smart uses of data, and getting organizations to use internal data that they usually already have in combination with what is available outside.
He has industrial expertise in commercial banking, investment banking, and mining sectors and functional expertise in finance, risk management, and supply chain management.
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