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Get Your Customers’ Behaviour Deeper Insights

Enhances your data insights capabilities, boosting your business without the need for extra resources or extensive setup

Developed especially for businesses that:

  • Have e-Commerce site on Shopify Plus
  • Use Klaviyo to send Emails and SMS campaigns 
  • Starting or growing businesses that would like to get advanced analytics for an affordable price

Advanced Analytics With Ability to Customise Dashboards According to Your Business’s Needs

Easy to Use

No Code Required

Ability to Connect More Than One Data Source

Better Understanding of Customers’ Purchasing Behavior

Decreased Acquisition Costs

Benefit From Data Visualisation
For Shopify E-commerces, Which Run Email Campaigns on Klaviyo

Smart Business Decisions

Rapidly gain insights into products, customers, and performance of your campaigns

Data Accuracy

Access more accurate, trustworthy data

Enhanced marketing effectiveness

Understand who is purchasing, when, and what; how many repeat or churned customers you have. Boost conversion rates by creating customized offers for special segments of your audience across various touchpoints with your potential clients

What’s included:

Broad Range of Insights Leads to Customer Engaging Actions

Gain valuable insights to engage customers at the right moments, enhancing retention and boosting revenue.

Campaigns performance

Analyse and test campaigns with advanced analytics to understand which campaign is more effective and brings more value.

Funnel analysis

Identify optimization opportunities by visualizing customer journeys and conversion rates at every stage of your campaign.

Products and Value analysis

Understand your top-selling products, and find insights for upselling or cross-selling strategy. Use purchase behavior insights to promote the right products at the right time.

RFM analysis

Predict future customers’ behavior with Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value analysis by dividing them into segments based on their purchasing habits. Create special offers based on the knowledge of customer segment analysis.

Orders Analysis and Time Between Purchases

Predict customer behavior and next purchases, and improve your methods for forecasting customer lifetime value. Dashboards include the average time elapsed between orders, campaign orders value, and churn rate.

Customised Dashboards for Needs of Your Business

Tell us about your data analytics needs, and our data analysts will create a customised dashboard 

Receive Visualized Dashboards With Clean, Reliable Data for Finding New Insights, and Creating the Best Business Strategies for Your e-Commerce and Its Growth!

Get a Free Demo for One of Your Campaigns on Klaviyo. Contact our experts today! We would be thrilled to give you a personalized demo.

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