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Business Hub

KNIME Business Hub provides a single, customer-managed environment for all data workers to collaborate on and deploy data science solutions across the organization.

Forge collaborative connections

  • Engage in the collective creation of visual workflows within teams, leveraging the capabilities of the KNIME Analytics Platform
  • Save and reuse iterative data processes and analytical models for heightened efficiency
  • Even with an asynchronous way of participation in developing analytics solutions, seamlessly integrate version control for a harmonized development experience

Upskill business and domain experts

  • Form a knowledge base for your team, department, or the whole organization
  • Create standards for data access and day-to-day operations, share best practices to enable self-onboarding for new users
  • Efficiently onboard and enhance the skill set of any data user within your organizational

Automate data processes

  • Liberate yourself from the tedious manual blending and cleansing of spreadsheets by automating data processes, seamlessly operating in the background¬†
  • Take charge of your analysis timeline by scheduling routine runs or triggering based on specific conditions
  • Automate the reports delivery process, with the ability to send to countless number of stakeholders

Roll out enterprise-ready applications and services

  • Transform your workflows into dynamic, interactive data apps or REST APIs, extending insights ubiquitously across the organization and fostering a culture of self-sufficiency
  • Choose on-prem or in-cloud installation, and harness the scalability in cloud-native architecture.
  • Efficiently streamline operations by mitigating IT bottlenecks through centralized administration, yet retain granular deployment monitoring capabilities at the team level
  • Engage in the intricate process of constructing, overseeing, and automating a custom ModelOps framework, facilitating the continuous delivery of data science solutions

Scale your data with KNIME Business Hub

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