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KNIME helps everybody make sense of data

Its free and open-source KNIME Analytics Platform enables anyone–whether they come from a business, technical or data background–to intuitively work with data, every day. 

KNIME Business Hub is the commercial complement to KNIME Analytics Platform and enables users to collaborate on data science and share insights across enterprise organizations.

What is KNIME Community Hub Teams?

KNIME Community Hub Teams is a perfectly balanced solution designed for small-medium businesses, solo entrepreneurs, data professionals, who can not afford Enterprise scale solutions like Business Hub. It is managed by KNIME, it is a “Pay as you Use” service, without the burdens of managing and maintaining servers, cloud instances or any type of infrastructures. Teams plan also allows teams to set up Schedules, Triggers and Data Apps, unlocking the full potential of the Business Hub, for a fragment of its yearly license costs.


Build analysis using intuitive, low-code/no-code interface.


Collaborate and share on workflows across disciplines in a private and public space


Deploy and monitor workflows across the enterprise.


Consume and reuse making analysis available as reports, data apps or services

Benefits of KNIME Community Hub Teams

  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Triggers 
  • Schedules 
  • Data Apps 
  • Automated deployment 
  • Helping cooperation across organization

When to choose it?

  • Needs automation, but Business Hub is too expensive 
  • Already Using KNIME, and wants to take it to next level 
  • Familiar with Alteryx and wants to move to a completely automatized solution

A Comparison of What Additionally You Will Get Ordering Community Hub Teams With Our Support

  Personal Plan  Community Hub Teams  Getting Started with Datraction 
Storage  10 GB  From 30 GB  From 30 GB 
Collaborate on workflows in public spaces       
Collaborate on workflows in private spaces       
Data Apps       
Users    3 included (€ 49 / additional)  3 included (€ 49 / additional) 
Advanced user role and permission management       
Run and automate workflows    From € 0.10 / minute  From € 0.10 / minute 
Help With Getting Started*       
Plan and Execution Optimization*       
Free Consultation*       
Cost estimations*       
Workflow Doctoring and optimization*       
Education      Upon request 

* Additional 3×1 hours of consultation in the first 3 months, unique agreements after

Use cases

Data Collection 

Scheduled daily data collection of stores/production plants, merging their data and archiving. Automatized daily/weekly/monthly report generation

Automatized Web Scraping 

Scheduled data collection from the web using scraping, e.g. price watching, Product availability. Sending out reports, creating Data Apps , triggering new workflows based on results 

Data manipulation and Alert System 

Data manipulation and Quality Assurance alert systems using triggers. Sending out alerts based on measures and thresholds

Automated testing and deployment 

CI/CD compliant Automated Testing and Deployment solutions based on Schedules

Data Apps 

Interactive dashboards, data transformation apps, and various web applications with KNIME based back- and frontend

Platform Integration 

Integrating and automating various cloud based systems or solutions, e.g. Hubspot, Jira, connecting Google and Microsoft ecosystems

Many More 

Do you have a business or technical problem, but you don’t know where to start? Contact Us for free advisory on feasibility!

Why choose us:

Free consultation on which plan to choose
Help with getting started
Cost estimations
Additional 3x1 hours of consultation in the first 3 months, unique agreements after (execution plan, optimizing calculations, workflow doctoring, etc)

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